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Atron Beef

Australia produces the finest beef in the world. This is the result of generations of committed cattle producers, who raise the finest quality breeds. From these breeds processors are able to source quality beef.
Atron’s deep experience in the beef industry over many years means they are expert in all aspects of the business, from differentiating between farming regions and breeds – through to the preparation and ageing requirements required to maximise quality and taste.
Atron Enterprises Spring Grove pasture-fed branded Beef has won a silver medal at the world-class 2012 Royal Queensland Food and Wine Show in June. To add to the awards collection, both Spring Grove MSA pasture-fed Beef, and Condabri MSA grain-fed Beef won bronze awards at the prestigious 2012 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards in July.
This is testament to our ‘no compromise’, ‘best of breed’ strategy we adopt in the entire supply chain, from farmer to final consumer.”

Atron’s cattle are sourced close to feedlots to minimise stress on the cattle caused by long transport journeys. Grain-fed cattle are fed between 60 and 120 days on a highly specialised mixture of grains, controlled and monitored by stringent guidelines to maximise eating quality.
Atron’s pasture-fed cattle graze on rich open pastures along the lush east coast of Australia. These pastures help to develop the taste and tenderness of prime Australian beef.
Atron employs a 21-day aging process to maximise the eating quality of the beef – tenderness, juiciness and taste. Atron’s ranges include premium brands, graded by Meat Standards Australia (MSA), and a wide range of top quality pasture and grain-fed beef products.
Atron’s team takes pride in the ‘no compromise’ integrity of its product, striving constantly to provide the appropriate quality product, closely matching market requirements. Beef product is supplied to each customer on a 'fitness-for-purpose’ basis, matching graded meat product to the specific market’s cost, culinary and cultural requirements.
Atron strives to source the best cattle, processed in the most efficient and humane way, delivered to the customers in premium condition.

Because of Atron’s deep involvement in the entire supply chain - from paddock to plate - quality standards are consistent and supply is constant and reliable.

Atron guarantees continuity of supply by being a major multitiered, vertically integrated livestock producing, meat processing, marketing and retailing enterprise, securing quality, long term, competitive supply sources. Atron leverages its renowned expertise in targeted joint venture and partnership operations across Australia.
Atron prides itself on customer service excellence. In the domestic and export market, Atron seeks to follow global best practice in the supply chain process, delivering the right product, right place, right price – right time.

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