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• Pure Australian Beef  
• Established brand
• Produced in AUS-MEAT-accredited plants
• E.coli tested

Lonsdale beef is derived from both pasture and grain-fed cattle, raised on Australia’s lush east coast farms. The combination of nutrient-rich pastures, the relaxed environment, and the carefully selected mixture of grains, ensures that Lonsdale beef is of the highest quality.

Lonsdale beef is produced in AUS-MEAT-accredited plants, E.coli tested, and consistent in quality. Atron’s commitment to product integrity is the secret to our consistently excellent quality, and explains the high levels of customer satisfaction with our beef.

Australia produces the finest beef in the world. This is the result of generations of committed cattle producers who raise the finest quality breeds. From these breeds processors are able to source quality beef.

Our deep experience in the beef industry over many years translates into expertise at selecting the finest farming regions and breeds – through to the preparation and optimal ageing requirements for the beef. As a result, the eating quality – tenderness, juiciness and taste – of the beef is maximised, across a wide range of top quality pasture and grain-fed beef brands.

No compromise’ product integrity is paramount to us; we strive constantly to provide the appropriate quality product, closely matching market requirements, grading meat product to the specific market’s cost, culinary and cultural requirements.

Excellence and consistency in quality standards and supply are guaranteed via our vertical integration and deep involvement in the entire supply chain.

Best practice quality assurance. Our processes are underpinned by stringent Australian industry standards and our uncompromising quality control and assurance procedures. We draw on key Australian and global industry authorities, market information sources, trade visits and market intelligence to ensure product integrity, safety and consistency.

David Larkin’s personal commitment to quality: As an ardent representative on local, state and national industry meat advisory boards, David is deeply involved in setting industry standards for beef in Australia.
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